Permanent Makeup in Hawaii - Kona
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Facial Fitness Hawaii, located in Kailuna Kona, HI, began in 1992 when Marty moved to the Big Island from Newport Beach, CA. She started Facial Fitness because she wanted to contribute to people's well-being, and help them maintain their beauty on all levels: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional. She also specializes in permanent cosmetic makeup and skin treatments for rejuvenation and cleansing.

Marty is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) and a member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) and the American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM). Additionally, Marty is a Cidesco Diplomate. She adheres to the highest standard of hygiene and sanitation when practicing permanent cosmetic makeup and specialized skin care services.

~ 74-4910 Haokuni Place #8, Kailuna-Kona, HI 96740 ~ (808)329-1074 ~ (808)896-4707 (cell)

  Skin Care Services in Kailuna Kona Hawaii    
  • Permanent Cosmetic Makeup
  • Tattoo Removal (Non-Laser)
  • Skin Needling
  • Oxygenating Treatment
  • Sun Lover Treatment
  • Paraffin Hands and Feet
  • Facial Hydrating Mask
  • Rosacea Anticouperose Treatment
  • Acne Corrective Treatment
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Waxing
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Cleansing Facials and Peels
  • Purifying Back Treatment
  • Eye Treatment for Wrinkles
  • Eye Treatment for Puffiness
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Lam Probe
  • Depigmentation Treatment
  • Epicuran Enzyme Therapy
  • Rejuvalight (LED)
  • De-Aging Body Treatments
  • Wraps/Body Glow Treatments
  • Microcurrent/Miracle Wave
  • Makeup Applications/Lessons


Permanent Cosmetics - Is here to stay!

You can have the perfect look 24 hrs a day and feel confident to Wake up with beautiful Makeup. But be aware and choose a licensed professional and an artist to draw your face. Permanent Cosmetics can be referred to by many names: Micropigmentation, Cosmetic Tattooing, Intradermal Tattooing, Facial Tattooing, etc.

What is permanent makeup?
  This is makeup for eyes, brows and lips that is applied to the skin with a sterile needle. Marty uses disposable tools which is a safe method for all concerned. Colored pigments are implanted into the dermal layer where they remain for several years and as time goes by they fade lighter, therefore requiring touch ups. When first applied, the color is darker on the skin just like a tattoo. But as the epidermis sloughs off excess color over the a span of three to seven days, what remains is a lighter, softer appearance in the epidermis. Unlike a conventional tattoo, the service does not last a lifetime. Fading elements like sun exposure, use of topical creams with ingredients with glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy or procedures like microdermabrasion hasten the breakdown of color. Lighter colors seems to fade faster than darker ones.

Permanent Cosmetic service is designed to enhance one’s features, not totally overpower them. For Brows, Marty chooses colors that are complimentary to the skin tone of the client - natural looking and that blend with the hair. Eyeliners are placed very close to the lashes to give the appearance of fullness. Some clients want a thicker look which she can design according to clients needs. Marty listens to her clients desires and does her best to fulfill them within reason. Life style is important to consider when performing the procedure.

Who are the best candidates for this service? Permanent makeup procedures have 2 branches of the same tree:  the cosmetic and the paramedical ones. The paramedical embraces the client with physical infirmity. If a person has suffered a stroke and has paralysis on one side they may find it difficult to apply makeup evenly. Crippling rheumatoid arthritis does just that-cripples those clients that have trouble brushing their hair daily, let alone applying even brows or straight eyeliner; Women suffering from alopecia, a form of baldness that can affect eye brows, eye lashes; Woman that have visual challenges; chemotherapy patients and even burn survivors can improve their appearance.

Additional Information
- Marty offers a complimentary consultation. A medical and health history is necessary for clients wanting any service, as some people may take a contraindicated medication which requires the clients doctors permission. After care protocols and post care regimens are explained and must be followed to obtain good results. After the procedure is done, a crust will appear in the area within a few days eventually sloughing off within one week. All these details are given to the client in writing and  a signature is required that the client understand what she is about to embark on being that this is an elective procedure. Before and after pictures are taken for the records. A follow up appointment is scheduled 6 to 8 weeks later so additional color can be placed if bald or missing spots appear.

Permanent make up is a wonderful concept . It frees women from the daily application of cosmetics, adding to their attractiveness which always promotes self esteem. When we look good we feel good and that is a better way to go through life.    

~ Licensed in the State of Hawaii #203 - Licensed Establishment Permit #1365 ~